Commercial Services


Integrate your building or business’s audio and video systems to maximize their potential. Keep up with today’s demands with the latest audio technology from Hi-Tech Systems.


Fire Alarms

Whether it be a small project or large, we have you covered! Hi-Tech Systems is a state certified Fire Alarm contractor. We offer professional service and ensure that your building is properly protected. Give us a call! We’d be glad to bid your job!

Surveillance Systems

We not only provide professional security camera installation, we also offer 24/7 year-round monitoring of the systems we install. If you have a house, business, Air BnB, farm, or other property, and want a second layer of protection, our professional monitoring team is there for you. We monitor all systems from a state-of-the-art facility.

Security Alarms

Commercial buildings of all sizes benefit from professional alarm systems and monitoring. Security cameras help catch unwanted activity and alarms help alert people to danger. Whatever kind of security and alarm systems you need for your business, apartment building, or commercial property, we can help!

Access Control

Our quality access control systems are perfect for businesses like storage facilities, as well as rental homes, hotels, and apartments. They are also useful for Air BnBs and to monitor who is coming and going from your business or home. Keyless entries, gates, and smart doorbells all help allow qualified people in while keeping strangers out.

Nurse Call Systems

We do it all! Here in Florida we saw a need to provide support for the tech in our hospitals! If you need a new nurse call system contact us. We’d love to bid your job!